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Mount Woodside
 Woodside Map
Location and Region
Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia Canada (13 km) 8 miles west of Agassiz on Hwy 7.
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Pilots flying Mount Woodside should agree

to abide by the Site Safety Standards

Find the Mt. Woodside FSR entrance opposite of the 'Koffee Kettle Cafe' on Highway 7.  Follow Mt. Woodside Forest Service Road (FSR) 4.2 km (2.6 miles), then take the left fork in the road. Turn left again and drive up a short steep hill. Park at the top of the hill if you don't have a 4 wheel drive. Hike/drive the short remainder to launch.
Paraglider Landing

The 'Riverside LZ' is located 10 minutes hiking time south of the Lougheed Highway junction with the FSR.  There is a trail out of the field through a neighbors property starting near the NW corner of the field leading to the Cafe.  If you open a gate close it behind you. To land at Riverside, which is privately owned, you must purchase a "Riverside landing pass", which is available as regular, student, 1 month or out of town site, see the membership page.

The 'Eagle Ranch LZ' is a private LZ owned and operated by Fly BC Airsports.  You MUST have express permission to land there prior to launching.

Hang Glider Landing
The 'Old LZ' is located on the north side of the Hwy 7, at the extreme east end of the Harrison Mills flat, just before the highway goes (east) uphill into the trees.  The field is a cow pasture, so take necessary "precautions". This LZ is for hanggliders and tandems only, no solo paragliders. Landing here also requires the purchase of a landing pass.
The 'Best' field (because it is owned by Bill Best) is located west of the old LZ on the north side of the highway.  Turn onto Mill Road from Highway #7 heading north and then a left shortly after to get to the LZ.  Note that although it's a long glide for paragliders, and should not be considered a primary PG LZ, the Best field is also open to paraglider landings.
Flying Season
Year round. During the winter when the road can be snowed in hiking may be required. Best XC potential in the spring and early summer.
Type of Site
Mountain site with Thermal and Ridge soaring. Suitable for HG and PG. Be aware that outflow winds (north and east) can create dangerous rotor. This site can get blown-out by west wind in the afternoong, especially in summer.
Cross-country flights east to Agassiz Mt., Bear Mt., and on to Hope (beware of strong winds in the valley near Hope, best avoided!), or across the Fraser River (high water levels reduce landing options) to Bridal Falls have been made, or (usually) upwind flights west towards Dewdney. An easy and pleasant XC Flight is to east to Harrison Hot Springs: a good place to soak your bones after a day of flying. Triangle flights across the Fraser River to Mt. Ludwig, Mt. Cheam, Bridal launch, and then back to Woodside have been done.
Description of Launch:
Launch is a groomed gradually steeper slope facing WSW at 2250' (680 m) ASL. Set up area for 10+ gliders but can still get crowded at peak flying times! Large parking area.  Clean takeoff.  Wire men required in strong thermal conditions.   The old hangglider ramp is not in use anymore and its condition is unknown. Leave with enough altitude to reach one of the designated LZs. In windy conditions it can be a long glide. Use small field ("the Swamp") on S side of Hwy 7 in an emergency only (turbulent and wet).

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Description of LZs
Ensure that you have a valid landing pass before flying, and land only in designated LZs.

Outlanders will be charged $20.00.

Riverside LZ - 30m (100') ASL.  Suitable for PG.  Field is a 10 acre field just north of the Fraser river.  The field slopes slightly up from the southwest.  Winds are generally west southwest, but can be east on outflow days.  Field is surrounded by trees, but is somewhat surprisingly usually free of rotor.  Hazards include the train tracks, some deactivated power lines and poles, and occasional livestock.

Old LZ - 30m (100') ASL.  Suitable for HG, PG (Tandem Flights permitted only).  Winds tend to be southerly at 3 - 8 MPH.  Watch for trees, fences and livestock.  Other hazards include highway 7 and adjacent power lines.

Best LZ - 30m (100') ASL.  Suitable for HG & PG.  Large, flat field, with stand of trees on north side, other trees lining south side.  Winds generally southerly.  Sometimes a "touchdown" area is cut out of the surrounding crop.  Aim for it.  Hazards include power lines, buildings and equipment in the southeast corner.

Outlandings at Woodside

The properties around Mt. Woodside are rather sensitive, and the WCSC has gone through much effort to secure appropriate LZs for both HG and PG.  To ensure our current LZs stay available to us, outlandings at Woodside will NOT be tolerated.  The following guidelines will help you with your landing choices around Woodside.

Flying south and east from Woodside - Flying over the back of Woodside launch and landing to the south or east is permissible.  For example, landings in Agassiz (avoid the grassy area adjacent to the crossroads gas station), at Harvest Market, a sandbar, Harrison Hot Springs, Ruby Creek, Hope, etc, are NOT outlandings (however you must obey local airspace restrictions such as the Agassiz prison CYR, Hope Airport, etc., and avoid landing in crop fields).

Flying west and north from Woodside - We have the Bill Best Field available for "failed" XCs in this direction.  This field is OK to land in for both HG and PG.  Once over Harrison Bay and towards Sasquatch Mountain you are not outlanding.   However you must obey local airspace restrictions and be sensitive about landing in fields west of Sasquatch Mountain (don't land in crop fields, etc.).

Landing on the west side of Woodside Mtn between launch and Harrison Bay is restricted.  The only LZs available are the Riverside LZ, the Old HG LZ, and the Bill Best LZ.  Landings at Eagle Ranch are allowed ONLY with the express permission of FlyBC Paragliding.  Landings on any other property, such as the dike, Eric's property, or the off-limits swamp, are considered outlandings and are payable by a $20 fine, payable to the relevant landowner.   The WCSC collects these fines on behalf of the landowners in the area.

The off-limits swamp (formerly called the "bailout swamp" is NOT a viable landing zone.  This property is owned by a private landowner who doesn't want that land being trespassed on.  There is a technical "right of way" (easement) between the private portion and the #7 highway, but this section of land is very small and tight, and very close to trees, a major highway, and power lines. It is NOT WORTH IT to try to land on this right-of-way. Chances are you will miss it, and trespass on private land, or you will end up in an embarrassing (at the very least) situation with your glider in the trees or power lines. There is a good reason this area is "off-limits"!

To land at WCSC LZs, you need a Woodside landing pass (see the WCSC membership form for rates and expiry dates).  If you don't have a Woodside landing pass, and land in one of the 3 designated LZs listed above, you are also subject to the $20 outlanding fine.  So buy a pass to have as many LZs as possible available to you!

Please respect our landowners' wishes, and don't ruin it for the rest of us by putting our LZs in jeopardy!

Most vehicles can make it most of the way to launch, but 4 wheel drive is best (keeps the road in better condition).
Site Regulation
The WCSC holds a tenure on the launch area, and has agreements in place for the use of landing fields.  Follow the Site Safety Standards.  HPAC Insurance and WCSC membership (of any type) is required.  Also, ensure that you have a valid landing pass or landing permission.
Local Contact
Contact a WCSC Director for more information, or with any questions.
Other Information
CYA 132 (H) to 6000' (1800 m) ASL (Maximum).  Watch for small aircraft over Riverside LZ.  One of the WCSC's most high profile and valued sites. Can get crowded in spring and early summer. Only land in the designated landing fields. Do NOT land in any other fields. Long glide to HG landing fields in any headwind.  The site has very nice coastal influenced air combined with pleasant thermals which are generally well away from the hill. The scenery is outstanding.

Radio Frequency: 146.415 MHz
Emergency: 911


Mount Woodside Panorama

by Stewart Trowsdale

(Note that this panorama shows the launch prior to the modifications done in October 2004)

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Last Updated:  8 Feb 2014