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Bridal Falls (Lower)
Region and Location:

Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia, Canada Bridal Falls between Chilliwack and Hope BC on the Trans Canada Highway.


4 wheel drive only. From the paraglider LZ take Bridal Falls Road East. Turn right on to Popkum Rd and then turn left at the T intersection. Follow the road which soon after another right turn turns into a steep gravel road. Turn right at the fork 3.5km after the end of the pavement. Follow this side road for another 500 meters.

Hang Glider Landing:

The Paraglider "Swamp" LZ is not well suited to HG landing. In the past the following LZ has been used, but it is a long glide away: To access the Hang Gliding LZ take the Bridal Falls overpass and turn left (South) onto Yale Road E. Proceed 3.3 Km and turn left onto McGrath Road, turn left onto Nevin Rd. and .6 km later turn right onto McElvee. The landing fields rotate under crop but are normally to the East side of the road.

Paraglider Landing:

In the "swamp" (mowed area is now generally dry) at the east side of Bridal Falls Golf Course or on the other side of the road at the end of the driving range.
Flying Season:
From the beginning of April into fall.
Type of Site:
Launch most suitable for PG, seldom used for HG.  Alpine flying, mostly thermal, with occasional ridge soaring at the launch knoll

Cross-country flights to Ludwig, Hope, Gloria and Elk mountains.  Out and returns, flights along the ridge, and flights benching up to Mount Cheam and flights across the Fraser River have been done.

Description of Launch:
Bridal Launch
Well groomed launch, large set-up area, WNW facing. Launch is at 2500' (750 m) ASL and is mainly used by paragliders. This launch is often affected by cross winds --- new pilots or pilots not familiar with the site should only fly after experienced pilots assess conditions. Swirling winds at this site can make it difficult to launch safely. Be very cautious. Get a launch briefing before setting up, and do not fly alone.

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Description of LZs:

150' (50 m) ASL. Primary LZ is the "Swamp" landing zone, located across the road from the end of the driving range, to the southeast. It's also possible to land in the east end of the driving range itself, but watch out for the ball nets, poles, and guy wires. Neither LZ is particularly well suited to HG landings. There is a huge HG LZ on the north side of the highway on McElwee Rd which is visible from launch. HG LZ is on the east side of the road which has a blue steel gate. Make sure the gate is left closed.

4 wheel drive or hike.

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Site Regulation:
The WCSC has tenures on the lower launch, upper launch, and the "Swamp" landing zone. There are also arrangements in place for the use of other landing fields.  HPAC insurance and WCSC membership (of any type) is required.  Please respect the site, and the work that many have put into it.


Contact a WCSC director for more information, or with any questions.

Other Information:

100 km (60 miles) east of Vancouver. A wonderful site with breathtaking scenery, and possible PG top landings. Flyable just about every day during the summer.
CYA 105 (H) to 8000' ASL.

Local: 146.415 MHz (amateur radio license required)
Emergency: 911


Bridal Falls Panoramas by Stewart Trowsdale

Pre-September 2004 Panorama

Post-September 2004 Panorama  

Last Updated: 8 Feb 2014