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List Of Club Directors

Please feel free to contact a club director at any time       

  •  Tyler Gillies, President 

  •  Secretary/Treasurer

  •  Vacant, Safety/Comps

  •  James Elliott Events

  •  Nikita Gazarov, Membership (Frase Valley)

  •  Vacant, Sites (Fraser Valley)

  •  Dave Achtemichuk, Membership (Pemberton)
  • (member_pemberton@westcoastsoaringclubREMOVE_THIS.com)

  •  Guy Herrington, Sites (Pemberton)

  •  Pedro Pedersen, Webmaster


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          please delete "REMOVE_THIS" from the address before sending your email.


The club holds a yearly Annual General Meeting sometime in early November. Most club communication occurs through our forum.

Be sure to check the Events Page for the dates, times, and locations of any WCSC meetings. Everyone is always welcome!

Last updated:   November 28, 2018