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Bridal Falls (Upper)

** Also see Bridal Falls (Lower)

Region and Location:

Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia, Canada
Bridal Falls between Chilliwack and Hope BC on the Trans Canada Highway.


This launch is only accessible by hiking. The best access route is to follow the directions to Lower Bridal Launch, but at approximately 3.5km on the 4WD gravel road continue left for another 3km on an even rougher road to a dead end below Mt. Archibald. A hiking trail starts here and traverses a steep slope for about 1.5km. You will get to a flat saddle at about 1200m elevation with great views into the Fraser Valley. From the saddle continue south and east up an overgrown ATV track that zigzags its way for a little over 2km to the launch site (1440m elevation). In the past the launch has been accessed from the Chilliwack Valley side on logging roads of the Chipmunk branch but these roads are now overgrown and it is unknown how far they can be driven with a 4WD.
HG Landing:

Due to hiking-only access (> 1 hour) access to thsi site is currently not suitable for HG. In the past the HG LZ was the same as that for Bridal Lower launch.

PG Landing:

The "Swamp" LZ, the same as for Lower Bridal Falls launch.

Flying Season:

From the beginning of June to the middle of September

Type of Site:

Currently a 'hike and fly' site unless you have an ATV. Mostly Thermal with occasional Ridge soaring at lower knoll


Cross-country flights to Hope, out and returns, flights along the ridge and flights crossing the Fraser River have been done.

Description of Launch:
Large launch area facing WNW.

Launch is at 4620' (1400 m) ASL and has a short season (starting late June). Watch for fire pits and debris left by other users.

Description of LZs:

150' (50 m) ASL. See Lower Bridal Falls for PG and HG LZ descriptions.


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Site Regulation:

The WCSC has tenures on the lower launch, upper launch, and the "Swamp" landing zone. There are also arrangements in place for the use of other landing fields.  HPAC insurance and WCSC membership (of any type) is required.  Please respect the site, and the work that many have put into it.


Please contact a WCSC director for the latest information.

Other Information:

100 km (60 miles) east of Vancouver. A wonderful site with breathtaking scenery, and possible PG top landings. Flyable just about every day during the summer.
CYA 105 (H) to 8000' ASL.

Local: 146.415 MHz (amateur radio license required)
Emergency: 911

Last Updated: 8 Feb 2014