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Vedder Mountain

Location and Region:

GPS: N 49d 02.762; W 122d 03.358
Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia Canada, just north of the US border east of Abbotsford.


Take Columbia Valley Highway to Cultus Lake, turn right at Parmenter Road and then right turn onto Vedder Mt Forest Service Road. Drive for 11km by the east side of the mountain. Take the right hand fork there and continue for another 2km; at the next fork park your vehicle and hike up (right road) for 0.9km to the take-off (130m elevation gain).
There is a shortcut road from the Fraser Valley side which runs off Majuba Hill Road, but it might be gated as part of it goes through private property.


Yarrow Sports Park which is off Sand Road.

Flying Season:

Spring to fall, inflow days with upper winds from NW

Type of Site:

Mountain Thermal soaring suitable for HG and PG


Somewhat under utilized site, part of a long ridge (10 km or 6 miles) that in theory should be good.

Description of Launch:

NW facing launch at 2700' (820 m) ASL. Winds tend to cross from the left. Launch cut beside the road with trees on either side. The launch is not for beginners due to the sharp transition from flat area to a steep slope. You need a solid wing inflation before committing a "cliff jump". Due tot he long drive it is more practical to have a designated driver with you than retrieving your vehicle.

Description of LZ:

100' (30 m) ASL at Yarrow Sports Park. There is a chain across the road sometimes when the field is not in use. LZ consists of a soccer field, with goal posts, bleachers and a building. Winds tend to pick up during peak hours of the day (12 - 5 PM) Do not land in cultivated fields surrounding LZ.


4 wheel drive

Site Regulation:

Informal, HPAC Insurance required.

Local Contacts:

Please contact a WCSC director for the latest information.

Other Information:
Good site for supervised Novice pilots and also offers good soaring in Spring. Mtn. is 6 miles long so good for out & returns. Have had problems with landing fields in the past. Do not land in cropped fields, even if they are cut.
Radio Frequency 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft), 173.640 Mhz
Local: 146.415 Mhz or 146.460 MHz
Emergency: 911
Flight Services Abbotsford 250-855-1010 Fax: 250-855-1181


Last Updated:  8 Feb 2014