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Deroche Mountain

This site has been used in the past; but current state, suitability and access are not known. Below is an outdated site description:

Region and Location:

Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia, Canada.
13 km (8 miles) east of Mission, take Highway #7 to Dewdney Village and follow Hawkins Pickle Road east.


Follow the FSR up to the Norrish Creek reservoir and then take the left fork after crossing the bridge and head north along the main road for about 3 km (2 miles). Take the side road on the right and follow it for 7 km (5 miles) up to the mountain. When you reach the ridge line overlooking the Fraser Valley to the South, park and hike down the slope 50 m (55 yards) to get to the launch area.


The easiest landing field is the large lens or crescent shaped field visible from the launch. It is located just east of Highway #7 along Athey Road, before the Highway crosses a bridge into Deroche village.

Flying Season:

Flying season does not start until June at this site, due to snow on the road.

Type of Site:

Mountain with both Ridge and Thermal soaring suitable for HG and PG.


New site with unexplored potential.

Description of Launch:

Natural slope facing SSW at 3800' (1150 m) ASL. Set up for a few gliders. Scrubby blueberry bushes are the main vegetation on the slope.

Description of LZ:

Large open grass field at 100' (30 m) ASL. Alternate LZ is field near a gravel area to the west which is farther and more turbulent. Main landing field will present no problems. Try to land near road so that the grass doesn't get flattened. Check to see if any streamers are present before flying.


Gravel road to launch is approx. 22 km (14 miles) long with driving time over 1 hour. 4 wheel drive is preferred all season.

Site Regulation:

Informal, HPAC Insurance required.

Local Contacts:

Please contact a WCSC director for the latest information.

Other Information:

Good site but has long turn around.
CYA132 (H) to 6000' (1800 metres) ASL.
Radio Frequency 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft), 173.640 MHz
Local: 146.460 and 146.550 MHz
Emergency Phone: 911

Last Updated:  26 June 2004