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General flying safety

  • Your safety is up to you. As a club we endeavor to help pilots maximize their ability to fly safely as incidents impact our whole community. Yet, we take no responsibility for your safety as is made clear in the WCSC waiver which you must sign before flying WCSC sites.
  • All pilots flying XC are encouraged to fly with SPOT or equivalent locator devices. Those using these devices can be tracked (in almost real-time) on SPOT Tracking page for Canadian pilots (you must actively sign up to be on this page).
  • Please fly with a buddy or someone who knows you are flying.
  • Please fly with a radio: for example a Family Radio with someone you know on the same channel, or an amateur radio if you are properly certified. Those club members flying with an amateur radio license generally use 146.415MHz as a safety channel, but this is neither monitored nor guaranteed.
  • Proper radio etiquette is important to maintaining the integrity of radio as a safety tool. Do not chatter excessively. Do consider providing concise positional and conditions reports while flying XC.
  • Canada is a country of mainly wilderness populated by bears and cougars and lacking in cell phone coverage. Please take care when flying cross-country.

Safety Reporting

  • Accidents and Incidents are not to be posted on the General Forum. They may be posted on the Incident Reports forum only, and discussed in the Club Members or Registered Forum Users Only forums.
  • Pilots will not report or speculate on accidents/incidents that they did not personally witness.
  • Click here to file an incident report with the WCSC. Please file a report with HPAC/ACVL, our national organization, as well

Reserve Clinic

  • The club runs a reserve repack clinic each spring, it will be announced here and on the forum

Safety Articles


Last updated:  19 Jan 2016