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Over the last 25 years, members of the West Coast Soaring Club have spent thousands of dollars, and volunteered countless hours to develop and maintain our flying sites.  Please respect the sites, and the usage standards.  Your co-operation will ensure your safety and our continued access to these sites.

For all flying sites:

  •  Use air worthy equipment and fly with a suitable helmet and reserve parachute 
  •  HPAC membership is required for all pilots
  •  Appropriate WCSC membership is required for all pilots flying WCSC tenured sites
  •  Visiting and out-of-town pilots must obtain HPAC temporary insurance and secure a temporary WCSC membership
  •  Secure an appropriate landing pass, and land in designated landing zones only
  •  HPAC Novice rated pilots may be required to have an instructor monitor their flights
  •  All instructors must be HPAC certified. 

Contact a WCSC Director for more information, or to ask questions.

Last updated: 19 Jan 2016