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Grouse Mountain

Region and Location:

North Vancouver, South Western British Columbia, Canada


Grouse Mtn. ski area. From Highway #1, travel north along Capilano Road/Nancy Greene Way to the end and then take the Gondola to the top of the mountain. Pilots must hike up to the actual launch area near the mountain's peak.


Cleveland Park. From Highway #1, travel north along Capilano Road to Prospect Avenue.

Flying Season:

Excellent in spring and summer, virtually closed in winter.

Type of Site:
Coastal Mountain Thermal soaring suitable for PG and HG
(very restricted LZ for HG, hot ships almost impossible to land)


None allowed, due to controlled airspace just outside of the small CYA

Description of Launch:

4000' (1200 m) ASL SSW facing launch with excellent groomed slope on ski hill. Moderately sized set-up area on rocky and bushy ski slope. Get a good clean run as sink could be present just in front of launch. Grouse is a very restricted site. Grouse Mtn. is privately owned, next to one of the main water reservoirs for the city, and the landing field is a sports-field in an upscale area of greater Vancouver. Because of these circumstances, in order to fly Grouse, you first have to get onto the guest pilot list. To be accepted as a guest, you have to have an intermediate or advanced rating, liability insurance, a reserve, and you have to be a responsible pilot (You will be asked for a contact person who can vouch for you). Once approved as a guest, you can fly Grouse, but you must always be accompanied by one of the members of the Grouse Mountain Flying Team. The team member will brief you on the site, sign you in, and see you off at launch, etc.

Description of LZ:

600' (180 m) ASL Soccer field in an upscale area of greater Vancouver. Very tight landing area surrounded by high trees, houses, backstop and busy roadway. Sports may be in progress also. Best approach is: A westerly downwind, then turn behind / in front of the tree off the southwest corner of the LZ. (10 ft max above - HG) head north over houses on west side of road (closer to the field if sink is present). When in line with the filed make a right turn, dive for the edge of the field, ground skim across field, and flair!


Any vehicle to the gondola lift.

Site Regulation:

Formal, HPAC Insurance, Intermediate rating and guest pass minimum requirements
Skill demonstration and log book may also be required.

Local Contacts:

Contact the Grouse Mountain Flying Team for more information, or to inquire about flying Grouse.  GMFT Directors are listed on the Members page.

Other Information:

You can only fly this site as an approved guest of a Grouse Mtn flying team member. Demo flight may be required at another Mtn site. Grouse Mountain is a year round mountain resort and a very high profile flying site.

CYA 133 (H) to 5000' (1524 m) ASL.
Radio Frequency 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft), 173.640 Mhz
Local: 146.460 or 146.550 MHz
Emergency: 911

Last Updated:  8 Feb 2014