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Liumchen / Baldy

This site has been used in the past; but current state, suitability and access are not known. Below is an outdated site description:

Region and Location:

Fraser Valley, South Western British Columbia, Canada.
Drive to Cultus Lake.


Follow the Columbia Valley Highway to Sleepy Hollow Road. Turn left onto Sleepy Hollow and then take a right at the next fork. Follow this road which turns to gravel after a few kilometers, and take the first right after crossing a bridge. From this point drive about 30 minutes on the main road, take the right fork and drive 10 more minutes until you see a parking area. Stop at the parking lot and hike up the trail for 10 minutes.

Baldy is an additional 1 hour hike along a relatively easy scenic trail which gains 260 m (850 ft) in elevation.


There are many possible landing fields. Two options are to land in a large field on the Soowahlie reserve or a sports field between the petting zoo and Cultus Lake Elementary School.

Flying Season:

Best in the summer months.

Type of Site:

Mountain with both Ridge and Thermal soaring suitable for PG and possibly HG.


Good potential, but unexplored. The glide from Baldy to Cultus LZ is over 9 km.

Description of Launch:

North facing groomed slope at 4800' (1450 m) ASL. Baldy at 5660' (1726 m) ASL, is launchable in all directions except WNW. Both launches have set-up area for several gliders. Avoid littering and damaging vegetation, because the trail is a maintained recreation area.

Description of LZ:

There are several large fields with friendly landowners in the area. Possibly the safest field is the on on the Soowahlie Reserve, since it is huge. The Soowahlie field is at 150' (50 m) ASL and is overgrown and un-tended.


4 wheel drive to the start of the trail to launch. Hike to the launch.

Site Regulation:

Un-regulated, contact local pilots.

Local Contact:

Please contact a WCSC director for the latest information.

Other Information:

Liumchen has never been used by HG, but it should be possible to launch from it and go far.
The hike to Baldy is quite easy and very scenic.
Radio Frequency 123.4 Mhz (Aircraft), 173.640 Mhz
Local: 146.460 MHz or 146.550 MHz
Emergency: 911

Last Updated:  26 June 2004